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Time to sleep when I’m dead

Posted by Andrew Girle on July 13, 2009

Today is my own to waste, at least until the kids get home from school. I’ve tidied the kitchen, super-glued the kitsch tourist turtle that one of the kids dropped on the floor, got the washing sorted and the first load on, checked my mail, stared at my other obsession (a batch of toy soldiers that need to be painted before the end of August) and decided to drag my notebook out of my work bag and transcribe the next set of scribbles for “Begin Writing Here”, my detective fiction sequel.

Looking at the notes, I have….

Plot extension? Check

Characterisation? Check

In the computer yet?

Whoops –  time to start typing.


2 Responses to “Time to sleep when I’m dead”

  1. Oh yes – the joys of parenthood. I’ve dropped the kids to school, tidied the kitchen, put a load of washing on and am now checking emails before starting writing. (But there’ll be the washing to hang out, the other load to bring in, fold and put away and shopping for tonight’s dinner to distract me.) It’s a wonder we get anything written.
    Good luck with your writing.

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