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Some randym thoughts

Posted by Andrew Girle on October 13, 2010

Up until now Vampires (vampyres, blood sucking broody types etc etc) seem to have been the flavour of the month (well, last decade or more actually!). From a writing point of view, that tells me they are poison to try and copy or write as a genre, because there is just SO MUCH out there. And then I wandered over to one of my subscriptions here and find that Fallen Angels are the next big thing.


Except… what is the difference between a Vampire and a Fallen Angel? Biblically, not much. In YA – apparently fallen angels are good guys who did something wrong and lost their wings (like a grounded pilot?). But Vampires in the recent years were all ‘bad guys trying to repent’ which approaching the same moody angst thing from the other side.


So what does that revelation mean to me? My next detective character is not going to be a vampire. Or a skeleton. Might be a werewolf (because of all the lame jokes I can write in).

/stream of consciousness off.


Be good!


2 Responses to “Some randym thoughts”

  1. Natalie Hatch said

    Hey Andrew, why not an alien? Except he probably shouldn’t have acid for blood, that could be a dead giveaway. The bookshelves seem to be glutted with vampires/werewolves/zombies etc at the moment don’t they. Why not just write what you want, if it’s a fantastic story it’ll get published no matter what.

    • Despite my random thought process Natalie, I agree! I actually do have a werewolf detective mapped out (I was going to invite him to dinner for an interview but decided I prefer my meat cooked – or still on my bones!) but it is more of a spoof storyline.

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