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The Talking Sword – Chapter 2 post 2

Posted by Andrew Girle on February 2, 2011

Slowly, he put his cup down on the table. His right hand slid up his left arm, pushing his sleeve back to the elbow.

“Do you remember when you were little, you asked me about this?” He pushed his arm forwards and rolled it over so she could see a long scar on the inside of his arm. It was wide, and reached from near the inside of his elbow to the band of his wristwatch.

“Yes. You said it didn’t matter, it didn’t hurt anymore. What has this got to do with those men?”

“For a long time, I was the leader, club president I suppose, of a group called ‘The Fellowship of the Sword’. I had a sword tattooed on my arm to show how important I was…”

“Dad had a sword tattooed on his arm! Was it like his?”

“Exactly like his. It was done by the same man.”

“So they didn’t call you ‘sorder’ they called you ‘sworder’, with a double-you, right? Because you were the leader of the group?”

He nodded, his lips pressed grimly together.

“So how did you know those men?”

“They have been members of the fellowship even longer than I have been. In fact, I don’t know anyone who remembers a time when they were not members.”

“What happened to the tattoo? Is it anything to do with Dad’s sword?”

“What did your father tell you about his sword?”


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