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The Talking Sword – Chapter 2 post 3

Posted by Andrew Girle on February 4, 2011

“Only that it was really old and that I was a naughty girl for putting it in amongst my teddy bears.”

“You put it in amongst your teddy bears…” He closed his eyes and shook his head. “Why on earth did you do that?”

“I’m not really sure. I was only little, but I seem to remember being scared of monsters and the sword telling me that I shouldn’t be scared of them, I should give them a good whack. And what better to whack a monster with than a sword?”

“The sword spoke to you?” His eyebrows had knitted in concern and his voice was sharp.

“Well, I used to think so. Now I think I might have been dreaming or making up a story.”

“What did it say?” His tone was suddenly worried.

“I really don’t remember. I just sort of remember thinking that I could keep monsters away if I had the sword. When I woke up the next morning it was gone from my bed, and Dad told me I wasn’t allowed to put it with my teddy bears.”

“Have you seen the sword since?”

“No. Dad kept it locked in the box at the end of his bed, and I wasn’t allowed to look at it.”

“Bloody hell. Robard! What do you know of this?” Her grandfather was shouting at the ceiling, or maybe the air between him and the ceiling.

Nothing happened.

Dawn said, “Granpa, are you OK? What are you shouting about?”

He put his hand out, waving her to silence.

“Robard, I know you know about this. There is nothing about the sword that you don’t know. When were you going to tell me?”

Still nothing.

“Robard, I SUMMON YOU!”


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