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The Talking Sword – Chapter 2 Post 4

Posted by Andrew Girle on February 5, 2011

There was no noise, no light, but suddenly the tall man from the wake, the one who had been introduced as Neverbob, was in the kitchen with them.

“Sworder, you gave up the right to summon me when you removed the tattoo, those many years ago.”

“Oh really? Then why did you come, eh, if I didn’t summon you?” Grandfather was standing and pointing a finger at the man he called Robard, the tip of his finger making small circles as he shook with rage.

“To meet the new sworder.”

“Oh no you don’t. She is not the new sworder, she is just a kid. This is too big a responsibility to put on her. How do you think she is going to finish her education if she has to be the sworder?”

Dawn was looking from Neverbob to her grandfather then back again. One moment ago there had been nobody there, now there was.

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?” Both men turned to her and spoke at the same time.

“Appear from nowhere like that. It was like magic!” Dawn could not keep the amazement out of her voice.

“It wasn’t magic, but it would be too difficult to explain. Just call it not-magic, alright?” Neverbob studied her face as he spoke, as if looking for a sign that she accepted what he was saying.

“OK then, so you somehow appeared in our house because of not-magic, after Granpa didn’t summon you. Do you have any idea how dumb that sounds?” Dawn could not believe that the adults were treating her like a stupid kid. Not-magic, HAH!


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