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The Talking Sword – Chapter 3 post 1

Posted by Andrew Girle on February 16, 2011

***to see the first two chapters, The Talking Sword – Chapters 1 and 2***

The sword lay in its’ box, the lid open, on the kitchen table. Dawn sat on one side, her Grandfather on the other, an empty tea cup in front of him and a small plate covered in crumbs and a lone chocolate chip hinting at what had just been eaten.

“Dawn, it is time you began to learn about the sword.” Her Grandfather’s voice was calm enough, but there was a tremble hiding away just on the edge of hearing, “I’ve done this twice before, but it doesn’t get any easier. Before we go on, I am going to tell you what Robard would not.”

“Yes?” Dawn asked quietly.

“Those who become the Sworder do not normally die of old age. It is a dangerous calling, one where you must often make hard decisions. Sometimes those hard decisions can mean your own death.” Her Grandfather studied her face for a reaction. Dawn’s expression didn’t flicker.

“Oh well done,” said the sword. “This is how you try and show her the disadvantages of being a sworder? You tell a teenager, already a raging pit of confusion and hormones, that the calling is scary and deadly dangerous? You know as well as I do all teenagers think they are invincible. It is these soft modern times that does it, you know. I haven’t been turned down by a teenager since 1754, they’re all just crazy. None of them have any sense of self preservation at all.”

“Sword, shut up,” said Grandfather quietly.

“But I was just pointing out…”

“Not now.”

“Oh all right. But kid – think hard before you take me up.”


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