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Writing thoughts – the wiki’d novel

Posted by Andrew Girle on August 22, 2011

Tthe thought struck me that some kinds of fiction lend themselves to non-linear reading.

I mean, we have all heard of “those people” who read the last page, or who randomly sample various parts of your opus out of sheer deviltry. Having the story in the form of a wiki might just suit their tastes. It lends itself to ‘sort of’ serialisation, without dragging out the product over months for those readers in a hurry to digest the story.

So, what if a piece of fiction was to be presented in the form of a wiki? Yes, I realise it does not lend itself to traditional publishing. That is the whole point – writers are leaping at e-books but not quite exploiting the ‘next big thing’.

I can’t find any ‘wiki’d’ novels or stories online, but I have a couple that might lend themselves to the concept, and will try it out in the near future.

If anyone HAS seen works of fiction produced as a wiki, can you let me know?


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