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Private Eyes, Leggy Dames, Fireballs and Jazz

Posted by Andrew Girle on September 20, 2011

In between scribbling notes on my current ‘main project’ I have been doing some world building based in the Fantasy Noir genre – think “The Maltese Falcon meets Gandalf”. Or the magnificent works of Jim Butcher.

And the tagline “Private eyes, leggy dames, fireballs and Jazz” seems to sum it up. Oh, and con men, crooked politicians and tommy guns.



2 Responses to “Private Eyes, Leggy Dames, Fireballs and Jazz”

  1. I love genre mashing, though I’ve not had a lot of success with it personally. I did do well with combining the P.I. (hard boiled) style of thing with Nursery Rhymes (long before I read any Jasper Fforde). That’s resulted in a useful bunch of sales. But wizards? Neat… Grimoires and gumshoes, maybe….

    • P.I. stories do tend to lend themselves to mashups, don’t they?
      I like the “Grimnoires and Gumshoes” tagline – short and gritty. I’ve been pitching to my writing group with “It’s Phil Marlowe meets Gandalf. And wins.”

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