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“No Working Title” is now live on Amazon

Posted by Andrew Girle on August 1, 2013

My first novel, No Working Title has gone live on (and .co and .everything available!)

It’s available as an e-book and a print copy if you are tactile.

The conversion to final draft and typesetting is why it was taken down from view on this blog.

If you like your crime with bare knuckles and cheap scotch, go have a look!


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Editing is boring

Posted by Andrew Girle on July 23, 2012

I have my novel, No Working Title, open with my editor’s notes side by side with my manuscript.

I’m up to chapter 6 out of 22.

And here I am, on wordpress. Cause, meet effect.

Before you throw rocks at me, I’m fully aware that the work NEEDS to be edited, and every comment so far has moved the story to a better place. But MAN!



*stampy feet*

*deep breath* Now that is off my chest, it is back to the editing.

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Of editing and other things

Posted by Andrew Girle on January 30, 2012

I’m currently on holidays from my day job. I had planned to use the time productively and write copiously; of course this has not happened.

I am applying the edits of No Working Title that have been provided to me, and am character building for the Grimnoires and Gumshoes mashup. I keep getting this vision of an Elf trying to hire my gumshoe to track down some guy called Tolkein, but things keep getting in the way.

I know, too cliched, but still!

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Some writers get blocked. I chase the pretty butterfly of indecision!

Posted by Andrew Girle on July 13, 2010

The third false start has occurred. ARGH!

After finishing my first manuscript, I sat straight down and begain a sequel. Then this great idea came along for a spy/crime genre novel in a fantasy setting. Oooohh better get some notes on that one, says clever-me, so off I wander down that forked path.

Then (of course) the world got in the way, the ideas seem to dry up so I went back to hammering out the crime-sequel – the ‘what happens next’ for the writer in No Working Title.

Then… you guessed it… along comes steampunk detective noir and I chased THAT elusive butterfly until I got it tohe 20K word count with chapter outlines written but now it just won’t come OUT!

So one bright sunny day while having a coffee with my long suffering wife at a bookshop (Riverbend Books, I blame them) I had another idea. A series of linked short stories.

Damn, that butterfly is back. Pass me the insecticide, somebody!

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“No Working Title” now available

Posted by Andrew Girle on July 18, 2009

No Working Title is now available as a download from the “Stories” page.

Rip it down, give it to your friends, link to it from your sites – just be sure to mention that it is my work not yours.

Oh… and keep a Sunday afternoon free in which to read it.

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