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The Talking Sword – post 6

Posted by Andrew Girle on January 22, 2011

It was Bluey that spoke first.

“Ah lass, we didn’t have much to do with her. One day we were a team, your dad and us, then along she came and suddenly he didn’t need three cripples any more to remind him of how human he was. She did enough of that.”

“I think we might finish that conversation there. Come on Dawn, there will be more people here that are hungry.” Her grandfather took Dawn gently by the shoulders and steered her back towards the other people in the room.

She tried to protest, but knew it was pointless and so she spent the next half an hour being polite. By the time she thought about the three strange men again, they were gone. Then she had to help her aunt and uncle clean up the kitchen and put away the coffee mugs and tea cups, the familiarity of routine leaving no space in her head for questions about the men.


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